For New Facilities or Renovations

For New Facilities or Renovations

Experts in pre-qualification readiness

VaLogic’s experience runs the gamut in organizing your operation to minimize risk and perform to expectations — from facility, utility, and equipment design review to the initiation of your first GMP batch, and all stages in between.

With extensive experience working with all aspects of mechanical, process, and analytical equipment, VaLogic employs industry best practices aligned to current regulatory requirements that bridge the gap between your development and engineering teams of facility design and process flow through each specific phase of your project: including contamination control and GMP cleaning services.

  • Integrated Commissioning and Qualification
  • Q9 Quality Risk Management
  • ISPE / PDA
  • EMA / MHRA
  • ISO
  • IEST

Guidance through the change process

Whether you are considering an integrated commissioning and qualification approach for a major facility renovation or just relocating electrical outlets in a suite, VaLogic will interface with your engineering team and process scientists to ensure a smart renovation and an on-time delivery.